Frequently Asked Questions

How We Work

Who do you work with?

Any brand with a quality product and ambitions to grow — mostly DTC brands or brands with a large ecommerce presence, so that we can more tangibly measure the direct impact of our ads on your sales.

How much do you charge?

We have a few different price points relative to the scale of your brand and frequency of production. The best way to answer this is over a quick call. We’re usually the best fit for brands with an average monthly ad spend of at least 6- figures, but go out of our way to support smaller brands that we believe in and want to help grow.

How do you produce quality content at a lower cost than other agencies?

Traditional agency fees and production costs are insane (and your IG ad doesn’t need to be shot on an 8K RED camera with a 14 person crew). We move super fast and efficiently with a talented in-house crew and creative team.

Results / Performance

What channels do you create content for?

Any measurable channel that supports customer acquisition or retention. Most commonly Facebook/Instagram Feed, Stories, and YouTube, as well as Snapchat, Tik Tok, Twitter, Messenger, LinkedIn, and Display. We also encourage our content to be used more broadly to promote higher conversion across every stage of your funnel, from email marketing, to product landing pages, to Amazon product listings.

How do you measure performance?

We measure success using concrete, revenue generating metrics — blended CPA, ROAS, and CAC vs CLV. We also use CTR, CVR, and engagement rates (among other indirect metrics) to inform the optimizations we make to increase the direct metrics.

Ad Management

Do you manage my ad account / media spend?

No. All of our clients are either running their own accounts in-house or have an external agency for this already. We don’t want to duplicate resources, and we’d rather focus on delivering the best and most effective content for you.

How much should I be spending monthly on ad placement?

We create a lot of ads for you to test, so we make the most sense for brands with 5- to 7- figure monthly ad spends. But we’re super passionate about helping smaller brands that we believe in thrive and grow, so we’ll always try to find a way to move the needle within your current capacity to spend.


Can someone from our brand team be on-set when you’re filming?

Yes. We film on location or in our studio in the NY area and always welcome our clients if they would like to join us for a shoot. If the creative supports it, sometimes we can also film in your location (e.g. in one of your brick and mortar locations, or in-house studio if you have one).

Can you work with non-ecommerce brands?

Yes, we just measure success/impact a little differently. For short term measurement, we lean more heavily on indirect metrics (CTR, engagement, etc.) than we would with an ecommerce brand–optimizing for success indicators (such as lower viewer drop-off). Then over the long term, we would compare these metrics against overall sales volume to correlate indirect metrics w/ sales lift.

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